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Pre-Production Quality Inspection.

The Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is a quality control conducted before starting the production to assess the quantity & quality of the raw material & components whether they are in conformity with the product specification. We following These steps of Pre-Production :-

  • Raw material & accessories check.
  • Style,colour & workmanship check.
  • Photos of production line & environment.
  • Analyze the factory's production & quality control ability.

On-Site Quality Inspection.

Site Inspection is conducted while the production is underway. It enables you to confirm that quality as well as compliance to specifications, is being maintained throughout the production process. It also provides early detection of any issues requiring correction, thereby reducing delays.

  • Production Status.
  • Timeline Verification.
  • A random sampling of semi-finished & finished products.
  • Artwork details

Post Production Quality Inspection

This can only begin after production is 100% completed. Once the merchandise is completely packed & ready our highly trained technical inspector will visit & monitor the quality of your goods. In this inspection, our inspector will conduct the inspection based on a random selection of product pieces according to AQL.

  • Match the produced quantity with PO quantity.
  • Size ,colour,style & marking check.
  • Our inspector will issue a detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection.

Cargo Loading Inspection

Container loading inspection is needed to confirm the safety & quantity requirements are met & that correct goods handling procedures are put in place & adhered to.

  • Quality & condition of your packed goods.
  • Ensure the condition of the container your goods are being transported in, including safety & cleanliness.
  • Photo evidence of the loading procedure.
  • Check the pallets are dry & fungus free.